Glamping is all about giving your guests the chance to experience nature in the comfort of a unique apartment that in many ways resembles a hotel room. The only difference from a hotel room is that it is outdoors. Are you planning to open a glamping resort? Do you want to make money by converting a piece of land into a glamping site? Do you already have a campsite and are thinking of developing it? With this content, you can see which glamping essentials you will need to make your vision a reality.

Vacationers now tend to choose cozy outdoor suites to enjoy the beauty of nature, but with a good synthesis of hotel comfort. It goes without saying that you can pay a higher price for a glamping vacation without getting down and dirty. As a glamping hotel owner, you need to create a unique space that pampers and relaxes your guests to make them forget their daily routines.

Earn New Reservations

In order for your glamping hotel to send a strong message to potential vacationers and earn you more bookings, you need to create a comfortable, different and well thought-out environment. And finally, you need to provide all the necessary amenities they can expect from a hotel room in the wilderness. Once you have the basic camping site standards in place, you will need 3 things to create a bright future for your glamping business:

  • A glamping site in nature,
  • A dazzlingly sufficient number of geodesic domes house,
  • Comfort features to offer your guests at your property.

That’s why we’re going to look at the essentials, in addition to the amenities that will help you create a beautiful glamping spot:

Glamping Checklist

As mentioned above, after you have provided the necessary land for your glamping hotel, you need to have a sufficient number of geodesic tents (geodesic dome). You can examine the infrastructure of the geodesic dome structure and the list of items in the room from the table below.

If you are not going to create a restaurant section for food in your facility, you should create a kitchenette in each geodesic suite. However, each room should still have a mini fridge and glasses for drinks and other beverages. If there will be a restaurant section, not every suite may have a kitchenette. Your guests should feel the comfort while staying in geodesic domes. Of course, not everything in the list above may be available. But they need to feel comfortable in their rooms to experience luxury camping. Positive feedback and good reviews about your facility will turn you into the most popular glamping vacation spot over time.

Add a little more comfort to your glamping structures with our helpful suggestions and watch your reservations fill up. You can share your questions about geodesic domes with us in the comments section below the article. You can contact us to get information about all the ideas that will improve your business and to learn about glamping tent prices. With TriDOMES geodesic dome house, you can have the most eye-catching geodesic dome structures in your business.