Wouldn’t you like to have a holiday in nature, where you can sleep in a comfortable bed instead of a sleeping bag and a mat, where you can get dressed while standing up, without getting cold, regardless of the season, where you can eat your meal at the table and without the stress of crawling insects?

What is Glamping Camping?

This new camping culture, which originates from the English words glamorous and camping, refers to luxury camps. In other words, the new trend of camping is the comfort of a hotel room, with a tent, refrigerator, toilet and stove waiting for you without the hassle of carrying a tent. Glamping camping actually goes back a long way, as the comfortable tent life of kings and rulers since the 16th century.

There are many accommodation centers that have been serving with this camping concept since the early 2000s. This trend is also known as Glamping tourism and Ecocamp. The rooms in these eco hotels are caravans, bungalows, yurt (oba) tents, safari tents, belle tents, Tipis (Indian) tents and geodesic dome tents, which are the main subject of our article.

What is Geodesic Dome Tent?

The word geodesic means dividing the world in Latin, and in geometry it refers to the shortest line between two points on a surface. Structures created by stretching tarpaulins over domes formed by combining geodesic lines between the ends of triangular and polygonal surfaces are geodesic dome tents. These tents, which were first discovered by Walther Bauersfeld, were developed and made widespread by Richard Buckminster Fuller. They are also known as igloo tents and are inspired by the igloo houses of the Eskimos. Although geodesic dome tents do not have internal supports compared to other glamping domes, they are durable and their internal space is quite large. These semicircular tents, which are easier to set up compared to other tents, give the feeling of a shelter and a home. Since it is a foundationless structure, it is easy to move.

What are the Usage Areas of Geodesic Dome Tents?

1- In addition to glamping camping holidays, glamping domes are actually used for a variety of purposes. Its main use is in the form of event tents, and they are used in fairs, festivals, parties, weddings, movie sets and sports organizations.

2- In places such as extraordinary restaurants, hotel gardens, patisseries, cafes and bars,

3- These tents, which are very useful as greenhouse tents in the fields, are very effective in growing the products grown in these tents beyond their season.

4- As a winter garden in areas such as apartments, villas, hobby gardens, etc.

5- They are used as construction sites, emergency and earthquake tents.

Materials Used in Dome Tent Construction

Wooden frame, metal frame and wooden frame with metal connections are used in the frame structure of the igloo tent.

PVC and canvas membrane tarpaulins, plywood, metal, wooden panels, glass, polycarbonate and even concrete can be used as the outer covering material of these dome tents.

Let’s take a look at triDOMES dome tents, which bring a new breath to glamping culture.

Production Material

TriDOMES tents with a geodesic dome structure are igloo-shaped. Appealing to the glamping camping culture, these glamping domes are light, strong and environmentally friendly thanks to their wooden frame structure. German-made imported tarpaulin was used as the cover material of the dome tent. Optionally, insulation material can be added for use in cold weather conditions.

The tarpaulin material is made of PVC 850 g/m2, 100% waterproof, blackout, UV protected, flame retardant tent fabric. It does not require any major maintenance.

3 Different Size Options

According to their sizes, triDOMES D5 (18.5m2), triDOMES D6 (27 m2) and triDOMES D7 (36 m2) are named dome tents. It can also be produced in larger sizes upon request. If you wish, you can also purchase triDOMES D5I, D6I and D7I dome tents with added insulation material.


Suitable for air conditioner and stove installation.

Since the igloo is produced according to the tent principle, it has been produced by calculating the wind and other weather conditions it will be exposed to.

Compact Quick Installation

triDOMES dome tents are shipped disassembled. Since it is produced in accordance with the DIY concept, you can easily install it yourself.

All materials required for installation are available in special boxes prepared for shipping. Additionally, only stairs may be required. There are numbers on the parts for easy and error-free installation. You can easily install it by following the assembly guide.

2 people are recommended for product installation. Approximate installation time is determined as 6 hours.

triDOMES Project, Special Production and Glamping Facilities

Apart from the standard models produced by triDOMES, special productions are also made. Dome designs up to 5-100 m diameter can be made. Designs can be made in the sizes, shapes and numbers you need. At the same time, project support can be provided by architects and engineers. Many details such as determining the transparent parts of a dome, coating type and color, door structure and windows can be customized.

triDOMES Dome Tents, produced in Ankara, offered to the market by Avfoni, aim to provide a luxurious glamping camping experience with their easy-to-install and demountable structure, no license required.

You can check out triDOMES dome tents, which have a geodesic dome structure that can literally be your home in nature, on tridomes.com. You can contact our team for your requests.