It is a well-known fact that the tourism sector is one of the most rapidly developing and growing sectors. A big part of this rapid change is determined by different holiday concepts and economic reasons. The new holiday concepts created by foreign tourists’ travels outside our country start to become widespread in our country after a while. The more standard vacation period in places such as hotels and hostels was replaced by spending time in nature and camping. The serious decrease in the number of green areas in cities full of concrete piles allows people to breathe in natural areas, at least during vacations. This understanding, which is also described as rural tourism, allows people to move from cities to nature and become simpler. The necessity to get away from crowded environments caused by the corona pandemic has accelerated tourism differentiation. The increase in the time spent in recreation areas such as hobby gardens, parks and gardens is also highly related to this situation.

In addition to camping, where adventurous nature enthusiasts carry camping equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, vacations in camping areas have also been organized in Turkey for a long time. Camping areas are areas established near natural beauties such as highways, city entrances, sea, lakes and mountains. Caravan, bungalow, tent camping areas make it easier to have a vacation in a slightly more comfortable way than classic camping. In our country, which is very prone to rural tourism with its natural beauties, investing in camping areas is a logical and profitable choice for operators. Glamping tourism, which has become widespread especially in foreign countries in recent years, has started to develop among entrepreneurs in our country. So, to briefly explain the question of what Glamping tourism is, we can call it a luxury camping where camping lovers and vacationers who are fond of comfort stay without the need for equipment such as tents and beds. Dormitory tents, bungalows, huts and geodesic dome tents with bed, water, electricity and refrigerator are very attractive for your guests.

Rural tourism, which will be created without harming natural beauties, seems to leave behind the classic holiday understanding for a sustainable life. Rural tourism, which is called eco-tourism, also allows the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK) to popularize this sector with the support projects carried out in this field. In this content, you can find the details you need to know about the idea of creating a glamping hotel to open a camping area with a new initiative or to further develop your facility where you already operate a camping area and offer your guests a unique glamping camping experience in nature.

What Makes a Better Glamping Experience for My Guests?

With the new tourism trend glamping camping, you should create glamping areas that do not compromise on comfort for outdoor enthusiasts who are tired of staying in five-star hotels. So which one will provide a better glamping experience for my guests who come to stay? For those who think which glamping tent is better, it can be explained as follows. Large yurt (oba) tents can be eye-catching with the necessary installation, but do not offer the comfort of a room. Huts and bungalows are also an option that is becoming quite common, but the fact that the wooden material requires more maintenance can pose a problem in the future. The geodesic dome structure, which we can call new for our country, is really remarkable with its serious shelter and visuality. It offers your guests a unique holiday experience in terms of heat insulation, ventilation and decoration. For detailed information about the geodesic tent, you can take a look at our article titled triDOMES Geodesic Dome Tent What Does It Do?

Is it Costly to Open Glamping?

One of the most efficient ways of building, geodesic dome construction is cheap, easy to assemble and relocatable, requiring no foundation work. Compared to opening a holiday resort, which requires standard construction, opening a glamping resort is less costly, whetting the appetite of entrepreneurs. How much money will be made in this area depends on the quality of the service offered. Considering the increasing trend of glamping tourism, the expenditures made on a glamping hotel will pay off in a few years. Geodesic dome construction and installation is very compact and practical, saving time. The service you provide to your customers in a peaceful and calm environment intertwined with nature is a really fun investment.

What is Required to Open a Glamping Hotel?

Operating in glamping tourism is no different from opening a standard camping area. If we look at the map of camping areas in Turkey, our country is quite diverse. It is possible to convert many agricultural lands, pastures, natural protected areas or existing property lands into such investments.

We can summarize what is required to open a glamping hotel for people who want to evaluate their investment in different business lines and who want to start this business as follows:

  • It is important for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to comply with the regulations on camping areas.
  • Glamping hotel management, like campsite management, requires the necessary permits to open a campsite. Since the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is the sole authority in this regard, there are serious financial sanctions and closure of the area for operators without a camping license.
  • In order to transform an existing agricultural land into a glamping camping site, it is required to obtain permission from the municipality if it is within the borders of the adjacent area, and from the special provincial administrations for agricultural lands outside these areas.
  • The glamping site you choose must meet all campsite standards.

Geodesic Dome Ideas for Your Business

Unlike architectural structures that repeat themselves, geodesic domes move us away from stereotypical four-cornered structures. Being futuristic and environmentally friendly, they also provide serious advantages to businesses. Due to its geometric feature, it is aerodynamic, saves energy and is easy to heat. It is more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms. While 360 ​​degree shapes increase the light capacity, they are more economical because they require less material. It makes great contributions to the business as it can be easily dismantled and replaced. Let’s take a look at the geodesic dome ideas that will be useful to you in the peaceful atmosphere and beauty of nature:

  • You can create geodesic dome structures of different diameters in your camping area that can accommodate one person or 2 or more people. You can provide your guests with a comfortable camping experience with a bed, heater, cabinets and a small kitchen corner.
  • It is possible to install geodesic dome tents of different sizes for structures such as toilets, showers and restaurant domes. It will be a nice dining environment for your guests.
  • For small events such as theater or concerts, you can add a magnificent visual effect to your facility with geodesic domes.
  • You can organize sports activities such as yoga and pilates in geodesic domes.
  • You can grow your fruit and vegetables in your facility by creating dome greenhouses. It will provide a seriously relaxing environment for your guests.
  • By making agreements with different brands, you can create pop-up stores where products that may attract the attention of your customers will be promoted.
  • You can build climbing and playground areas where children can have a good time and play.

It is very easy to create the natural and peaceful atmosphere you want for your guests in your camping facility with triDOMES geodesic tents. You can set up glamping hotels at European standards in Turkey, which can be shipped disassembled to your address or with the help of our expert team.