Earthquake and Disaster Tent

Inflatable Tents

5X6 MT 30M²

Triangle earthquake and disaster tent provides rapid production and installation for mass disaster tent colony.
Thermal insulation is provided with felt, pad or bubbled aluminum. It is suitable for Alie use. Please contact us for your bulk orders.

 Dimensions (m) 5 x 6
Seating area (m2) 30
Peak height (m) 2.1
Steel carrier element dimensions 32×1,5mm main frame, intermediate purlins 22×1,00mm
Steel carrier element material Pipe profile
Paint Anti rust or black sheet
Coating 550 gr/m2 PVC membrane or its full equivalent. Ground pilsa
Door Zipper door
Window 1 openable window
Insulation 300 g felt, or pad, or single bubble


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