triDOMES brand has been founded in partnership with Kara Savunma Sistemleri A.S and ICOSA Systems. Our group, which has been operating in the fields of defence industry, outdoors equipment, and geodesic dome (dome structure) for about 15 years, has created “triDOMES” brand in order to produce dome tents with a wooden structure system in harmony with nature in order to be used for “glamping” in line with the increasing demands in recent years. We have been designing and producing dome structures in many different sizes from 110 m diameter 4500 m2 surface area to 3.5 m diameter 9 m2 surface area for the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey, TÜBİTAK, Metropolitan Municipality of Konya and many other glamping facilities. Our expert engineers and designers are at your service.

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Installation All Over the World

We can install our tents anywhere in Turkey and the world. Your needs are steadily designed, domes are produced and installed in a short time. Order now and have your dream facility in a few weeks!


Apart from the standard ones, we can design your domes in any size of your choice. Existing designs can be customised in your request. Two-level insulation Transparent thermopane

7 Different Sizes

We have 7 mass-produced models. These models also include the insulated and thermopane models. We can produce bigger geodesic domes at your request.

Various Climatic Conditions...

Suitable for Turkey's climatic conditions. Suitable for the usage of stove, hearth and air conditioner. Includes insulation options for harsh climates. Thanks to "triDOMES trix insulation" system, we have a special insulation application consisting of 6 layers and 2 levels.

Durable Structure

Thanks to its patented attachment points and special design, it is resistant to the weight of snow accumulating on the tent and strong winds.

Affordable Choice

We produce our triDOMES glamping tents with highest quality materials at a very affordable price. You can have your dream facility or Dome tent at a very low price.


We prefer using materials that have the minimum adverse effects and the maximum harmony to the environment. We use blackout, UV-protected, flame and waterproof fabric as well as high-quality and imported wooden and metal materials in our products.


triDOMES Dome Tents do not require any major maintenance. All wooden parts are resistant to UV lights and can be washed with pressurised water.


Choose Your Tent

Panoramic View
Enjoy the view with the panoramic area made of transparent PVC material.
Wooden Frame
Waterproof high-quality wooden frame. Eco-friendly and aesthetic.
Air Circulation
Its air well creates a natural air circulation, balancing the moisture and heat.
A protected chimney outlet for hearth and stove.
Sky View
The pleasure of watching the stars through the transparent section at the top...
Fabric of the Tent
Imported PVC produced by leading brands in the industry... Top-end heat insulation with 2 levels insulation
Attachment Points
Top-end durableness with triDOMES patented attachment points
Provides thermal insulation.
Fast Production Fast Installation

Fast Production Fast Installation

Thanks to the strong machinery and expert staff in our Ankara factory, dome tents are produced within 2-6 weeks depending on the number of orders and set up in a few days by our expert teams. Installation can be done anywhere in Turkey and the world.



You can decorate triDOMES glamping igloos with different seating areas from 9.5 m2 to 103 m2 as you wish. You can make WC, Bathroom, Kitchen. You can add a mezzanine. Whatever fits your imagination will fit inside triDOMES dome tents.

Interior design

Interior design

Create a brand new environment for your guests and yourself. Bring comfort and luxury to the most remote places. The architecture of our Dome Dome tents will allow your guests to enjoy everything your land has to offer.

7 Different Size Options

7 Different Size Options

We have 7 mass-produced models: 3.5 m diameter - 9m2, 5 m diameter - 18.5 m2, 6 m diameter - 27 m2, 7 m diameter - 36 m2, 8 m diameter 47, 10 m diameter 77 m2, 12 m diameter 103 m2. . There are also insulated and double glazed versions of these models. We can make larger geodesic domes in line with special demands.


“Glamping”, which can be defined as a comfortable and luxurious camping experience, is getting more and more demanded in Turkey.

 Coming from the words “glamour” and “camping”, it means more than camping.


 triDOMES pioneers glamping projects where the spectacular nature and luxurious life get together, and that it is one of the most ideal choices to dome tents for Glamping Facilities.

 D6, D7 and D8 models are suitable for glamping facilities.


Eco sensitive garden conservatories are now possible in residential areas, workplaces and hotels. It prevents snow, wind and rain in the best way and adds colour to the environment with its stylish appearance.


The outdoor areas of restaurants lose their function in cold weather. With dome tents, these areas can be used. The triDOMES D3.5 dome tent, fully covered with transparent PVC, is a suitable model for restaurants. This can also create a fascinating ambiance, isolating your guests from outdoors. If you want to create your own style and be distinguished from other classic restaurant designs, Dining Dome tents are just for you!


Dome tents, one of the most durable tent types in harsh conditions, are preferred for their sophisticated and aesthetic design in fairs and events. Dome tents do not have any columns or beams acting as a support, making the interior space large and spacious. In addition, in cases where you want to enlarge the indoor area, dome tents can be connected to each other with a tunnel system. Such a functional connection between the structures has made dome tents an indispensable model for events.


Geodesic greenhouse tents provide an ideal biosphere to prolong the growing season and healthy plants. We can make a special greenhouse tent in your backyard or in your farm together!

Country Homes

It has always been such a struggle to accommodate well in hobby gardens and rural areas. triDOMES dome tents are ideal in that they can be easily installed at a lower cost, plus its affordability and portability.


How can I buy a dome tent?

We have listed the process of buying a dome tent. For any questions, please contact our team of experts.


    Choose from 7 Dome tent models and find the right tent for you.


    Choose the insulation option for the dome model of your choice and get help from our expert


    We send you a price offer based on your preferences and customisations.


    Your tents are produced in the time promised to you.


    Dome tents leave our factory for the installation on your property. We set it up for you by our assembly team and deliver it to you. Depending on the number of domes, installation is completed within 1 to 2 days.






Serhat & Melike K.
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It was a good investment for the garden of our summer house. We can say that it is a complete price / performance product. It arrived 3 weeks after my order. We installed it with ease.

Serhat & Melike K.


Definitely worth the price. The camping was an investment for our business. We are currently receiving many requests. Next year, we will add a few more dome tents to our facility. Thank you Tridomes

Tanju A.

Incredible, We Liked it

We purchased the products of our company in the garden of our store with the aim of displaying a special concept. Our customers really liked this concept. A different and original product.

Ercan S.

Added Value to Our Business