Earthquake and Disaster Tent

New Generation Disaster Tent 4X4 mt 16M²

New Generation Disaster Tents are insulated and suitable for harsh winter conditions. Fast shipping, fast installation and portable.

The New Generation Disaster Tent is specially designed for quick installation.

The earthquake tent we produced and developed from polycarbonate material is suitable for long and durable use.

Bubbled aluminum foil has heat insulation. These structures, which have the status of thermally insulated earthquake tents, are longer lasting and easier to use compared to other tents.

Dimensions (m): 4 x 4

Seating area (m2): 16

Peak height (m): 2.00

Steel carrier element dimensions: 40X40X1.5MM

Steel carrier element material: painted box profile

4 mm corrugated polycarbonate + bubble aluminum foil


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