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7X16 MT 112M²

General Purpose Tent: The Ideal Solution for Gathering Areas, Schools, Warehouses and More

Do you need a versatile, portable and practical space today? Here’s the answer: General Purpose Tent! This product offers a solution suitable for many different purposes such as schools, warehouses, work areas, living areas, offices, dining halls and dormitories. This tent, which can meet all your space needs, stands out with its functionality and durability.

What are the Advantages of General Purpose Tent?

Versatility: General Purpose Tent is designed to suit different purposes. Whether you use it as a school, warehouse or workspace, this tent offers you flexibility.

Durability: The product is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. In this way, you can use it for many years.

Zippered Doors: The tent has zippered doors on both sides. This provides easy access and makes entering and exiting the interior easier.

Heating System Suitability: General Purpose Tent offers the opportunity to install optional heating systems thanks to the chimney holes located on the side curtains of the entrance door. This ensures that the tent can be used in all seasons.

Portability: This tent can be quickly set up or dismantled according to your needs. It offers ease of transportation and storage.

Where is a General Purpose Tent Used?

This multi-purpose tent is ideal for a number of different applications:

Schools: An excellent option for temporary educational spaces or outdoor events.

Warehouses: It can quickly meet your storage needs and protect your inventory.

Workspaces: Can be used as temporary offices for construction projects or emergency operations.

Living Spaces: Provides accommodation for camping, resorts, or other outdoor activities.

Offices: When temporary office space is needed, this tent makes things easy.

Dining Halls and Dormitories: Ideal for serving meals or providing accommodation in tents.

In conclusion, the General Purpose Tent is a product that stands out with its versatility, durability and ease of use. It is the ideal solution for businesses, schools, organizations or those organizing outdoor events. The fact that it can be used in all weather conditions makes it functional in all seasons. You can find solutions to space problems by using this tent according to your needs.

 Dimensions (m) 7 x 16
Seating area (m2) 112
Peak height (m) 2.1
Steel carrier element dimensions 32×1,5mm main frame, intermediate purlins 22×1,00mm
Steel carrier element material Pipe profile
Paint Anti rust or black sheet
Coating 550 gr/m2 PVC membrane or its full equivalent. Ground pilsa
Door Zipper door
Window 1 openable window
Insulation 300 g felt, or pad, or single bubble


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